The jig is up

by on August 2, 2013

Under the haze of magnesium sulfate, I felt as if I must be very cold because my legs were shivering. I was very close to seizures. I was having visual “aura” and seeing double. But somehow, over the two hours, my blood pressure dropped.

By this time, the OB Medical team under Dr. G. was involved and making most of the decisions. Later, I would learn that they were reassessing my case every hour. The go ahead was given to give me a steroid injection that would help the baby’s lungs to mature more quickly. The catch was that I needed 12 hours for the medication to work, 24 hours would be better.

The 24 hours passed. I was given another steroid shot. My regular OB, Dr. F. became involved. At some point I was taken for an ultrasound to assess blood flow to the baby (“good”), and size (933 grams: “smallish”). The quivery feeling in my legs started to go away. Finally, it was decided that it was safe to take me off of magnesium sulfate and move me from the case room to a room on 7 South, the high risk maternity wing. They even decreased the frequency of the bloodwork. Dr. F. said that we might get to 30 weeks. Secretly, I hoped for more.

On Friday morning, Dr. F. appeared with news about my latest bloodwork. My liver numbers were “starting to go off”. The jig was up. My liver was starting to shut down and I was in the beginnings of HELLP syndrome. Time to deliver the baby.

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