by on August 15, 2013

After the incredible high of learning Audrey’s test results, things settled down, as much as they can in the NICU.

As long as she was on the ventilator, she didn’t have spells which was a relief. But she couldn’t stay on it forever. She was on “room air”, which meant that she wasn’t receiving any extra oxygen.¬†They started to wean the settings: the ventilator was taking fewer of the breaths for her. She seemed to be ready to move back to CPAP.

On December 2nd, they extubated her and moved her to the CPAP. Unfortunately though, she started to have too many spells again, pretty much immediately. So, back on the ventilator she went six hours later. This dance, between the ventilator and the CPAP would happen several more times over the following weeks. Audrey’s seeming inability to get away from the ventilator was one of the most frustrating aspects of those days.

On December 4th, she had her next big test: the follow up head ultrasound.

The ultrasound showed a very slight increase in the hemmorhage on the right side, but not enough to warrant a change to grade 3, and no change to the left (more severe) bleed. It was highly unlikely that either would progress any further. They would do another ultrasound in about a week, and would hopefully see some resolution. Another huge relief.

Things were on the way up.

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