by on August 17, 2013

While I was developing my clots, Audrey was busy with the work of the NICU baby.

She had another head ultrasound on the 12th which showed a small amount of resolution.

She finally began to tolerate her feeds. The nurses increased the amounts she got very slowly but it was going well. On December 5th she again lost weight but then continued on an upward trajectory. She began to chunk up. She was starting to look like the baby I had imagined.

Finally, on December 11th, she jumped from 960 to 1010 grams! It’s hard to describe how exciting it was. The next day, we discovered a “Kilo Club” certificate at her bedside. Three days later, she reached full feeds through her tube: 14ml of milk each time. A few days earlier, her PICC line had needed replacing and they had just used an IV. Now she finally lost a wire for good: her feeding IV.

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Emily March 14, 2014 at 3:06 am

We are financially strnggliug due to the increases in our health insurance plan (through my husband’s employer). We could get insurance cheaper through an individual plan but the insurance company has labeled our 1 year old daughter as a high risk even though she has not been seeing specialists often or qualified for intervention (due to prematurity). Because we are in middle class (lower to mid section), we probably won’t qualify for the state health care plan for children which would be considerably cheaper than the 500% hike in premium which an individual plan would charge for our daughter. I see no improvements in health care possibilities for premature children. This is particularly discouraging since our daughter is so robust and thriving and meeting milestones ahead of where she should be will she always be labeled high risk due to premature birth?

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