Why music therapy?

Why music therapy?

Music in the NICU/ Level II has been studied extensively and shown to have many positive effects including:

  • better oxygen saturation levels
  • better heart rates
  • better feeding
  • shorter NICU stays

Our program will be integrated into our existing parent programs. Parents often feel completely powerless to help their baby in the NICU environment. The music therapists will support the parents and teach them how to provide music for their babies, thereby empowering them in a very stressful and difficult situation.

The Impact

Every year, over 1000 babies are admitted to the NICU at Mount Sinai. With those babies come their traumatized parents, sitting vigil at their bedsides and feeling helpless. This program will help those parents realize that they can help, as well as making a real difference for their children. Music is non-invasive and helps babies to escape the stress of the environment.

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