by on August 12, 2013

“Rollercoaster” seems to be a universal term used by families to describe the world of the NICU. Things can go from bad to good, or back again in a matter of hours or minutes.

We had just received the news of Audrey’s IVHs, and my own condition was still untenable. The random spikes in blood pressure were a bit scary. But I was more annoyed than anything, since they were interfering with my visits to my baby.

In the wee hours of the following morning, due to a big blood pressure spike the night before, Geoff was sleeping in my room. We were unable to sleep though, probably because I had a new roommate who was the most enthusiastic snorer I have ever heard. So in the wee hours, we went down to the NICU to see Audrey.

It was then that I got to hold Audrey for the first time. The nurse┬ácarefully brought her out of the isolette and helped me to place her on my bare skin (this is called kangaroo care). She let out a big sigh and snuggled right in, just like a “real” baby.

I finally got to feel joy.
Mommy's first hold








First family photo

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